Friday, November 19, 2010

Divtech - Music Is Dead

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Hey Everyone, its that time of year again! Just finished up putting the details together for this album and releasing it free for you! Its a compilation of works following a similar theme and sound usage. Decided this time to self-release, feel free to link or repost anywhere, this one is 100% for the community!

Thanks a bunch to all the listeners out there!

Music Is Dead by Divtech

 Consider the rest of this entry an archive of Divtech downloadable music

Divtech - "We Want Your Soul"
1. oesophegeal murder of the tympanic membrane
2. dying here is strictly prohibited
3. manufactured discontent
4. reanimated flesh
5. american gladware
6. a compact reality refuse
7. six fists in the new blender
8. unwaivering love for our savior
9. the monsters in my pocket are working around trademarks
10.a bouncing bag of electrons
Download here -

Divtech - Compact Reality Refuse
1. Drop Your Weapons!
2. The Reptilian Agenda
3. The Reptilian Overlords
4. Ice-T Only Belongs in SVU
5. Complementary Contradiction
6. Tyrant!
7. Zombie Children of the Rave Whore
8. Misery In Hayleytown
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